Anthony Heywood

The impact of Anthony’s work has been consistent throughout his career, and he has generated regional, national and international coverage because of the nature of his work. It involves using ready-mades natural materials and household detritus. This generates a particular aesthetic which challenges the observer’s perception of beauty. This has created public, press and media interest.

UCA Profile



When I made ‘Car’ I wanted to take an ordinary everyday car which symbolizes a basic social and economic need, in a culture where relationships are dependent on it. At first sight it is divorced from aesthetics, from overt social symbolism or status. It has only utilitarian value. Time presides over the inexorable and stealthy process of its depreciation and decent into worthlessness. I made the car from re-cycled paper; the notion of the standardized aesthetic of mass production is subverted through the unique quality of the paper, which has a lifespan of Chinese parchment over 5000 years. I exhibited the work at Cubitt gallery London 1995 and was featured in The Guardian newspapers.