Anthony Heywood

The impact of Anthony’s work has been consistent throughout his career, and he has generated regional, national and international coverage because of the nature of his work. It involves using ready-mades natural materials and household detritus. This generates a particular aesthetic which challenges the observer’s perception of beauty. This has created public, press and media interest.

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‘cups’ 2011-12, I have made series of works referencing the work by Brancusi this work
they have recently been on show at sir Harold holiier gardens Romsey during the may – october 2012 and antoher pair of cups on show at
Foundation Hazart De Plough gallery soest Netherlands  may-oct 2012

explores the idea of how Climate change, precarious natural resources, demographic pressures and mass migration, conflict and wars – with the globalised world in continued and accelerated crisis, art has never been as important as today to bring about social, political, economic or environmental change are all concerns held within my practice which I embrace through my use of subject, context or materiality.