Anthony Heywood

The impact of Anthony’s work has been consistent throughout his career, and he has generated regional, national and international coverage because of the nature of his work. It involves using ready-mades natural materials and household detritus. This generates a particular aesthetic which challenges the observer’s perception of beauty. This has created public, press and media interest.

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Dove of Peace

These issues are reinterpreted in the ‘dove of peace’ life size paper spitfire, when the mundane is exchanged for the spectacle of an icon of the 20C, a near legendary aeroplane with many associations which once again plunge the viewer into competing complexities. The spitfire symbolises heroism, individualism and belief, it symbolises self preservation, fear and the shattering of young lives. The idea of me casting a full size spitfire in paper is on one level a quixotic notion, heightened by the immense number of technical problems it inevitable posed. The challenge is not only the rendering of the ephemeral into the massively durable, but the jolting of the senses into recognition of changed values of waste, worthlessness and the passage of time. It is this juxtaposition of image and material which informs and empowers what we see. It makes us reconsider, re-evaluate and dare to reject complacency.