Anthony Heywood

The impact of Anthony’s work has been consistent throughout his career, and he has generated regional, national and international coverage because of the nature of his work. It involves using ready-mades natural materials and household detritus. This generates a particular aesthetic which challenges the observer’s perception of beauty. This has created public, press and media interest.

UCA Profile


3 Coq’s

In 1999 I was invited to make a work for the British art show in the UAE which was curated by Peter Lewis and Derek Ogbourne, I collaborated to make a monumental work with Peter Fillingham, ‘Le Coq’s’ a transcription from the work of Constantine Brancusi which has been a lifelong source of inspiration. The work was purchased for the permanent collection of Sharjah museum of contemporary art, by His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi. I had previously completed a body of research at UKC during 1978 -82 on the drawings of Constantine Brancusi, visiting collections in New York, Paris, Venice and Chicago, and this had given him a unique insight into his work and collections.